Launching SafeLink Cloud!

We are very excited to announce the launch of SafeLink Cloud, a set of services for business, to connect offices, stores and factories, in a secure and private way!

With SafeLink Cloud, remote work becomes easy and secure, from anywhere.

Main functionalities

  • Connect computers between stores or offices
  • Remote Access to computers and servers
  • Access shared folders with documents
  • Access networked devices, like CCTV Cameras
  • Do remote work in a secure and easy way

Total compatibility

  • Compatible with all Internet Service Providers and all types of internet access, including DSL, Fiber, and mobile hotspots
  • Keep your existing computer network structure
  • Service is not affected by replacing routers
  • Compatible with Dynamic IPs and Static IPs

Get it now

Today we open our services to the public, in “Beta” (experimental) mode, being now also available to order!

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